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Congratulations to our winning participant:

Lora Wegman, St. Louis, MO

(Lora - check your email for official notification and paperwork.)

Here at Go! Magazine, we have a lot of watercooler discussions, but they're usually held around the office candy bowl. Not just at Halloween, but year-round, it's a high-traffic area. While we're usually not superpicky when it comes to sweets, we do have some favorite and least-favorite candies. And we're curious to know what you're eating. Here's a list of America's favorite Halloween candy, according to 2013 data from Information Resources Inc., and a list of our own picks for the worst things to find in your trick-or-treat bag. Make your own picks for the best and worst, or write in a candy that isn't included. We'll pick a random participant to receive a Twin Peaks Gold Box Edition, including all 29 episodes plus the pilot!